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A flagpole is used to carry a banner, whether it be a patriotic American flag or a company flag. In order to proudly show off your flag, purchasing a custom flagpole is a must. It will keep your flag upright, off of the ground, and ensure that the flag is always presentable. Alamo Outdoor Signs products quality flagpoles that are custom fabricated in your desired size and for whatever purpose you may need.

If you are searching for a custom built flagpole that is built to last, then ask Alamo Outdoor Signs about our custom flagpole designs. If you are worried about your flagpole standing up to the elements, we can construct a galvanized flagpole to help it hold up to the weather. We are proud to say that all of our advertising products, including custom flagpoles, will be delivered to you in a timely manner. All of our products are built with the following characteristics in mind:

  • High Quality

  • Long-Lasting

  • Custom-Built

Parts Of A Flagpole

There are various parts of a flagpole when the construction process begins. It is not a simple beam. There is a stationary pulley mechanism for raising the flag. The rope that is attached to the pole and the pulley system must contain two hooks on which to attach the associated flag. Once the flag is raised, the rope is secured via an aluminum cleat on the side of the flagpole. If desired, a decorative flash collar can be added to the base of the flagpole. To ensure stability, the flagpole must have a secure base and foundation on which it stands.

What are the benefits of an Alamo Outdoor Signs flagpole?

Alamo Outdoor Signs has over 45 years of combined experience when it comes to the construction, design, and manufacturing process of outdoor advertisements including signs, billboards, flagpoles, and scoreboards. We currently serve the continental United States, providing quality and custom signs that are all fabricated in our state of the art facility. We strive to offer cost effective solutions, while producing a quality product that is delivered on time.

If you are interested in adding a custom flagpole to your business or construction project, please feel free to contact the Alamo Outdoor Signs. Our experienced staff can help you with the process of designing a custom built flagpole for your space. Contact us via our online contact form, or simply give us a call at (210) 651-4230.

For more information or to learn about our other outdoor advertising services, call (210) 651-4230.

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