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A great way to spread word about your business is through outdoor advertisements. A popular outdoor advertising campaign that many companies choose is via a scoreboard. Did you know that a scoreboard will be viewed thousands of times during the course of only one sporting event? Now, take into account how many sporting events implement the use of the scoreboard, and you have a lot of potential customers.

Scoreboard advertising not only brings in potential customers via your ad, but it may also aid in bringing your business into the local community. This is especially true when you choose to have a scoreboard advertisement in a local middle or high school sporting event. Reaching out to your customer base can be just as important as the overall design of your ad. All of Alamo Outdoor Signs’ scoreboards are built to last and abide by these three principles:

  • Quality

  • Custom Built

  • Long Lasting

Quality, Durable Scoreboard Advertisements

If you are looking at purchasing an ad on a scoreboard, why not make it look great? Alamo Outdoor Signs offers a variety of options to perfectly fit your needs. With optional large column capacity or decorative framing, an Alamo Outdoor Signs scoreboard can be as complex or as simple as you need it to be.

It is important to consider where and what type of scoreboard you will be needing. There are multiple options and add ons for both scoreboards and the types of ads that they support. The friendly and qualified staff at Alamo Outdoor Signs can walk you through the steps of choosing a scoreboard or ad size. We have a vast amount of experience in the advertising industry, and we want to put this experience to use for our customers to ensure their satisfaction.

All Scoreboards Are Made In House

We do not employ third party manufacturers for our outdoor advertising signs and products. All of our outdoor advertising signs, including scoreboards, are completely fabricated on site in Alamo Outdoor Signs’ 30,000 square foot fabrication facility while incorporating the use of four bridge cranes to help manufacture your scoreboard.

Your Alamo Outdoor Signs scoreboard will be delivered on time to any of the forty-eight contiguous states, and custom manufactured in our San Antonio fabrication facility. With over 45 years of combined experience in outdoor sign fabrication, Alamo Outdoor Signs will fabricate a cost-effective solution for you!

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Serving the 48 contiguous states with Outdoor Advertising Signs, Billboards, Scoreboards, On-Premise Signs & Flagpoles that are manufactured to your specific needs. We also offer replacement walks, ladders, handrails and safety upgrade packages.
All of our structures are fabricated to engineered specifications and painted your color selection or galvanized. Our 30,000 square foot facility is equipped with four overhead bridge cranes which allows us to handle the largest and most complex structures. With the latest fabricating equipment, we produce the highest quality structure with an on time delivery.

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